Allan Schneitz


Keynote Title: Magic hidden in STEM education



Allan Schneitz is Chief Operations Officer of Lifelearn, and is its regional coordinator in Asia, responsible for implementation of nationwide pilot projects and projects with local communities and NGOs.
While working over 10 years as a teacher, Allan was the leader of the Dream School project, a bottom-up movement to change school culture now being used by 100,000 teachers and students in Finland, using models that enable integration of familiar, everyday digital tools into the learning process, thus renewing education starting from the students’ perspective. The services and tools that meet the needs of the schools have been developed in collaboration with researchers and innovative businesses.


Allan was honored for this work in 2013 by being awarded the “Open World Hero”- title. Allan is also a co-founder of the Dream&Hope association, which is a Finnish non-profit association that promotes user centered operation models, solutions for student centered learning and student wellbeing in schools.